Who can attend:

Fireside is a series of quarterly events, to encourage our brothers to become better men in our marriages, families, community, work and relationships based on biblical principals……with rifle and tactical shooting training as well.

Do i need to be an experienced shooter:

No, many of our attendees are first time shooters or have limited firearms experience. Fireside works with top level firearms trainers to ensure that the highest level of safety is observed and enforced

Do I need a firearm:

No, you do not need to own a firearm. Firearms can be rented from our host venue, or you can share with a friend.

do i need ammunition:

Yes, however you can purchase range ammo at the host venue or purchase ahead of time at online or retail big box stores to get best prices.

What do I need to bring?

A great coachable attitude, boots, long pants/shirt, beach chair for the bonfire, firearm (9mm preferred), ammunition, eye and ear protection. We take care of food, drinks, etc.

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